Emergency lights, such as Running Man Signs, play a critical role in ensuring safety and visibility during unexpected situations such as power outages, fires, or natural disasters. These specialized lighting systems are designed to provide illumination when standard lighting sources fail, helping guide individuals to safety and allowing emergency responders to navigate through darkened environments effectively. Typically equipped with battery backup systems or powered by alternative energy sources, emergency lights offer reliable illumination even in the absence of electricity, ensuring continuous functionality during critical moments. Their distinct flashing patterns and bright colors also serve as visual cues, alerting people to potential hazards and directing them towards evacuation routes or emergency exits, thus minimizing confusion and facilitating swift responses in high-stress scenarios.


  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Fast installation with snap together design
  • Injection molded themoplastic or metal
  • Test switch under available in most models
  • 3 green pictograms included
  • ULC Compliance