The IMA1000 is a GSM wireless intercom access system designed to work with gates, barriers and entrance doors. Utilizing the GSM network, we are able to greatly reduce any cabling between the entrance and the property. Calls are received on standard phone lines or mobile phones.

A SIM card comes pre-installed, all that is then required is the numbers relating to the call buttons to be programmed. Your home or mobile phone number is added to the auto dial memory, just like adding a number to your own mobile. When a visitor presses the number of your property on the intercom, a call is made to your phone. When you answer the call you can speak to your visitor and let them in by pressing * to unlock the first door and pressing # to unlock the second door (if it supports two doors). Simple!

If you are out, the unit can divert the call to a mobile or your work phone so that you are still able to communicate with your visitor and let them in if you wish; it could be an important delivery.


  • Braille keypad and Voice Guide for the blind
  • Up to 1000 user numbers
  • Up to 3 phone numbers per user/suite
  • Up to 3 administrator phone numbers
  • Smart Phone App Control
  • Unlocking by password, phone, and SMS
  • Multilingual Navigation Menu
  • Easy Indoor/Outdoor Installation
  • IP Network
  • 5-inch, 2K Screen
  • 2 Unique models (with or without camera)