Our Products

Standard Fire Safety provides a variety of high-quality products:

4G Intercom Access System

The IMA1000 is a GSM wireless intercom access system designed to work with gates, barriers and entrance doors. Utilizing the GSM network, we are able to greatly reduce any cabling between the entrance and the property. Calls are received on standard phone lines or mobile phones.

2-Door Controller Kit

The AC2 is a powerful networked 2-door controller kit that supports up to 126 doors. It comes with one controller, two proximity readers, configuration software and a USB configuration cable. The controller has 8 supervised inputs, 8 programmable outputs and a unified database.

Fire Safety Box

A Fire Safety Box provides a central location for storing a copy of the building’s fire safety plan, a list of contacts, checklists, manuals, and other important documents for emergencies.

Emergency Pull Cord

Emergency Pull Cord Stations, also known as “Emergency Call Stations”, are designed for easy use by healthcare professionals and patients alike. They are ideal for healthcare facilities such as hospices, nursing homes, hospitals, among others.

Emergency Lights

Featuring super bright LED lights, these emergency lights come in a variety of models for divers applications. They are ULC approved and come with a 1-Year manufacturer warranty.

Running Man Signs

We offer a variety of Running Man Signs in metal or injection molded thermoplastic. They come with a test button and 3 pictograms. They were design for easy installation and featured a 1-Year manufacturer warranty.

Rechargeable Batteries

Our brand new, high-performance batteries can be used in a variety of devices and applications. They come in various sizes and capacities.