Ensure Your Safety with Professional Fire Alarm Inspections

Comprehensive Fire Alarm Inspection Services

Trust Standard Fire Safety to maintain the reliability and compliance of your fire alarm systems. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Fire alarm inspection in accordance with the ULC-S536 standard
  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Inspection of emergency lighting
  • Sprinkler inspection
  • Backflow prevention device (BDP) inspection
  • Fire pump inspection
  • Inspection of autonomous smoke detectors
  • Inspection of different types of gas detectors (No2, Co2 etc.)
  • Inspection of commercial kitchen hoods

Our Inspection Services


Initial Fire Alarm System Assessment

An extensive evaluation to identify potential issues and ensure system compatibility in accordance with the ULC-S536 Standard.


Annual Inspection and Maintenance Checks

Periodic inspections to guarantee your fire alarm system remains in optimal condition. Annual inspections are required by law.


Compliance Verification with Industry Standards

Ensuring that all your fire alarm systems  meet local and national fire safety regulations (ex. ULC Standards).


Emergency Response Testing

Simulated scenarios to test the effectiveness of your fire alarm system in an emergency.


Custom Inspection Plans

Tailored solutions designed to fit the specific needs of your property.


System Upgrades and Recommendations

Professional advice on enhancing your fire safety measures with the latest technology.

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