About Us

Our goal is to provide innovative and reliable products at competitive prices.

Established in the beautiful, technological hub of Brossard, Quebec, Standard Fire Safety provides cutting-edge fire and safety products as well as solutions for our North, Central and South American customers. We are excited to provide high quality and cost-effective options, with the reliability of Canadian engineering.

Standard Fire Safety supplies you with a full range of robust fire alarm and safety devices with the best price and some of the best warranties in the market. We provide an array of fire and security products that include emergency light, batteries, access control systems, intercoms, document boxes and much more.

Our products include a variety of innovative technologies that makes them unique and more efficient. Get the service and support that you deserve. Our representatives and technicians are readily available to answer your questions.

Improved Security & Safety

Experience the difference that our innovative products bring to your business and facilities.

What We Do

Advanced Technologies

Standard Fire Safety is a provider of advanced and efficient security and fire protection technologies. Our products and technicians are required to meet industry standards that respond to the demands of the today’s market and ensure the quality and performance of our products.

Safety and Security

We provide products and solutions that meet the safety and security challenges facing most people and businesses today. This includes providing innovative and efficient security solutions that ensure the safety and lives of our clients and the people they serve.

Excellent Service

Providing an excellent service and support is as valuable to us, as the quality of the products we offer. You can be sure that we are always ready to answer your questions and give you the support you deserve whenever you need it.